Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood
A Personal Message About Our Calling
Fidelity, Constancy, Generosity
Today the motivation of the life of the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood is the same as that expressed by the Founders, "that the work of the Saviour may produce its fruits of salvation and sanctification" in themselves and in their brothers and sisters throughout the world.
They strive to live the mottoes given to the first Sisters to "be faithful, constant and generous in adoration, reparation and suffering." They are called to make their entire life into an offering to the Father through Christ our Saviour in union with the Holy Spirit. Their day is one of prayer, silence and labor, with some time for recreation.
The celebration of the Eucharist is the principal daily act of communal worship. At appointed times the Sisters pray the Liturgy of the Hours. Time is provided morning and evening for personal meditation, and throughout the day for visits to the Blessed Sacrament, for prayers in honor of the Precious Blood and Mary Immaculate, and for study. Each Sister makes a nocturnal hour of prayer as an offering of reparation, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.
Along with their prayer life, they are occupied with various duties of the monastery and the works undertaken for their support. They respond to the desires of those who seek their help by offering prayers and sacrifices for them and their intentions. Through the years a strong spiritual bond has existed between the Sisters and the countless friends who unite with them in the adoration of the Precious Blood and who share in the fruit of their life of prayer.
Indeed, it takes a special person to become a Sister of the Precious Blood. Do you believe that you are such a person? Speak to a Sister today about your life's direction.
Sisters of the Precious Blood
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